Cargo Transportation by Road from Poland to CIS-Countries over 10 Months in 2015

Poland has been confidently leading in transportation market between EU and CIS countries: over 10 months in 2015 Poland was second in exports to Russia (after Germany) and Belarus (after Lithuania) and first in exports to Ukraine and Kazakhstan (expressed in physical terms).

Positive Trend in road ransportation between Ukraine and EU

Export deliveries from Ukraine to EU expressed in physical terms exceeded imports in 2014. In 2015, this tendency reinforced making the difference between exports and imports even more striking.

Motor Freight from EU to Russia over 9 Months in 2015

Amount of almost all product groups transported from EU to Russia has decreased.

Imports to the Republic of Belarus from EU Fell Dramatically due to Stringent Control of Russia over Sanctioned Goods

After the significant growth of import by road transport from European Union to Belarus in the first half-year of 2015, there is an evident reduction in cargo traffic in August and September.

Analysis and Estimates of Logistics Market According to RBK.Research

According to preliminary estimates for all types of transport in 2015 the decline to 87.2% of cargo transportation is predicted.

Forwarding an Exhibition Display from Toronto to Moscow

In the beginning of autumn 2015 TELS carried out a project which involved the delivery of an exhibition display from Canada to Russia and back.

Russian Farming Community Demands That the Government Take Full Control over Imported Vegetables

The authors of the letter are convinced that after conducting thorough examinations required by the Alliance the supervising authorities will discover that up to 20% of imported tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables have excess level of agricultural chemical residues and pesticides.

Cargoes Exported by Road Transport from Russia to EU Shot up in Summer

In summer 2015 cargoes exported by road transport from Russia to EU grew considerably every month in relation to previous months of the current year as well as to the similar months of the previous year.

Cargoes Imported by Road Transport from EU to Kazakhstan Increased by 11%

Automobile cargo transportation from EU to Kazakhstan during the first half of 2015 grew in supplies from Lithuania, Italy, Spain and France.

33 meters and 104 tones for Belorussian oil-refining industry

In June-August 2015 TELS Oversized and Project Department made a transportation of the reservoirs for liquid nitrogen from Kielce /PL to Novopolotsk/BY.

Russia Is Lowering Customs Duties

On the 1st of September Russia reduced customs duties for more than 4000 goods.

The flow of fruits and vegetables from EU to Customs Union has nearly reached prior-embargo level

The flow of fruits and vegetables from EU to Customs Union has nearly reached prior-embargo level. 1 071 K tones of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables were imported to Belarus from EU countries in Jan – Jun 2015 (all transport modes).

In 2016 Russia plans to reject meat deliveries from the European Union countries

As follows from the document the USA and the EU won't be able to deliver beef, pork and fowl to the Russian Federation in 2016 under any circumstances.

TELS share on the logistic market is increasing

Comparative analysis of the own TELS statistics and Eurostat data demonstrates the growth of TELS share on the market of EU – CIS transportations.

Surprisingly high ratio of automotive freight-forwarding services from EU by Belarusian operators

According to in May 2015 the market of freight-forwarding operations from the European Union to Belarus showed considerable growth.

TELS Office in Great Britain increases its volumes of transportations from GB to EU and CIS countries

As a result of operating structure expanding of TELS UK office there is a growth in the quantity of transportations between Great Britain and other countries, especially the countries where TELS offices are situated.

Export RU-EU road transportations, from “plus” to “minus”

In April 2015 the annual dynamics of export road transportations from RU to EU gets negative (for the first time for the period starting from Jan 2014).

TIR-system in Russia will be recovered, but “completed”

FCS and ASMAP announced that the Convention on International Transport of Goods Under Cover of TIR Carnets (TIR-convention,1975) operation in Russian Federation is to be restored.

65% of Russian enterprises decreased the volumes of deals with foreign suppliers

On a long-term basis, the decrease of Russian import potential will also be supported by the tendency of foreign manufacturing transfer to Russian Federation. This is the opinion of more than 50% of Heads and Top-Managers of Russian retail enterprises and foreign representative offices.

TELS increases the freight opportunities on the EU-KZ market

The specificity of these transportations imply to high-standard fleet requirements.