History of TELS GLOBAL

TELS (T.E.L.S. Transeuropean Logistic Services Ltd.) was founded in 2001 in the UK. The London office is the main financial and management structure of the company.

The company has been providing road transport services in Europe as well as import/export freight forwarding between the EU and the countries of Eastern Europe since 2002. Groupage Cargo department was created to provide the customers with the possibility to transport small freight, thus making a start for the creation of consolidation warehouse network in Europe.

The company became a full member of the International Federation of Forwarding Associations (FIATA) in 2004.

To provide highly professional customer service in the Eastern European region, TELS opened a new office in Warsaw (Poland) in 2006. The company was rapidly expanding its presence in Eastern Europe. Legal entities in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus were created to provide customers with quality transportation services to Eastern European countries and Asia and facilitate the solution of organizational and financial issues as well as the issues of logistics monitoring in the regions.

The company began to carry out multimodal transportations worldwide by sea, rail and air modes in 2007. TELS increased the number of transport orders, developed groupage cargo services and a network of consolidation warehouses in Europe in 2009 amid the global financial crisis. The geography and range of air transport services was constantly expanding.

In 2011, the company opened a new office in Prague (the Czech Republic).

Despite the growing tension in the world resulting from the developing global economic recession and the deterioration in political and trade relations between the countries since 2014, TELS continued its development strategy. The operational and information structure of the company was modernized to provide a wide range of services, including:

  • warehousing and labeling of goods for transportation to the EAEU countries;
  • creation of expedited shipping lines for groupage cargo;
  • development of project and oversized cargo transport services;
  • creation of departments specialized by industry (automotive, beverages, FMSG, electrical engineering);
  • development of container transport services from China by all the modes of transport.

In 2020, the global economic crisis surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic intensified creating a perfect storm situation in the transportation and logistics industry. Despite the decline in global freight volumes, TELS maintained a positive growth momentum in all commercial indicators due to a competent strategic management.

Taking into consideration the global economic and political events and the emerging logistics trends, TELS has determined the following most important development principles for the next few years:

  • creation of a logistics ecosystem for supply chain management;
  • synergy with the customers and partners;
  • maximum automation of all business processes;
  • continuous development of new competences through project implementation and improvement of the existing business models;
  • flexible response to the changes in the market demand.

The updates in the development strategy imply rebranding – the company has been operating under the new TELS GLOBAL brand since 2022, which reflects its striving for global market presence.