Cargoes Imported by Road Transport from EU to Kazakhstan Increased by 11%

Automobile cargo transportation from EU to Kazakhstan during the first half of 2015 grew in supplies from Lithuania, Italy, Spain and France.

300.2 thousand cargo tons were imported from EU countries to Kazakhstan in the period from January to June 2015, which is 11% up on the similar half of the last year.

The major five suppliers from EU, which are Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Italy and the Netherlands, ensured 75% of general cargo traffic.


The largest cargo volume was accounted for:


Percentage, %

Major suppliers



Poland and Lithuania (over 80% of cargo volume)

Industrial equipment


Germany, Italy, Lithuania (two-thirds of cargo volume)

Metal ware


Germany, Italy, Poland (over half of cargo volume)

Vehicles and spare parts


Lithuania, Germany, France (three-quarters of cargo volume)

Plastic and plastic articles


Germany, Italy, the Netherlands (over half of cargo volume)

The largest cargo increase in physical terms and high growth dynamics were observed in the following countries:

  • Lithuania (+11.2 thousand tons, +29.1%)
  • Italy (+7.9 thousand tons, +48%)
  • Spain (+4.1 thousand tons, +97.5%)
  • France (+2.5 thousand tons, +27%)

As for the other countries of Central Asia in the period from January to June 2015, cargoes imported by road transport from EU to Uzbekistan increased, to Kyrgyzstan – decreased.

According to figures from Eurostat. Data handled by Marketing Department of TELS group of companies