TELS increases the freight opportunities on the EU-KZ market

Despite of the fact that the volumes of transportations to Kazakhstan in comparison with the volumes of transportations to Russian Federation look not so large, KZ destination is considered to be a very perspective segment on the market of international transportations. During the year 2014 (when the significant recession of the market was observed) import form EU to Kazakhstan increased by 1.7% (comparing with 2013). Export transportations form KZ to EU increased by 20.7% (according to the Eurostat data) While increasing its own fleet TELS increases the freight opportunities on the market of EU-KZ transportations (import-export). It allows to provide the clients higher service on this market.

The specificity of this destination (huge distances, different road infrastructure on the way from EU to KZ) implies the necessity of high standard fleet:

  • TELS trucks are completed with curtain-side semitrailers of EN 12642 and EN 12642 standards. These standards are characterized with the inflexibility of the semitrailer sides and high-quality fastening systems.
  • All TELLs trucks are equipped with GPS-systems which allow the real-time mode of tracking.
  • The average age of the trucks is 2.5 years. TELS increases and renews its own fleet. (In 2014 TELS received 80 trucks according to the contract with MAN).

13-years experience on the market of international transportations guarantees high-quality and reliable service. The status of customs carrier allows to avoid additional guarantee paperwork when transporting high-value goods. It simplifies the process of high-value goods transportations and makes possible to make it much quicker and cheaper.