Mission and values TELS GLOBAL

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TELS GLOBAL’s mission is

To promote world trade improving our customers’ business, offering perfect, prompt and reliable schemes of cargo delivery from anywhere in the world.


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Сustomer orientation

This implies a deep knowledge of the market the customer works in, their business, the requirements for the services and contractors, financial possibilities. This also implies willingness to take actions to meet customer’s needs, develop long-term relationships with them taking into consideration the feedbacks on the services they receive in accordance with the goals of the company.

Results orientation

The ability to clearly understand the purpose and the ultimate outcome of work. The ability to pursue the goal and achieve it despite the difficulties and obstacles that might arise.

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We work together and each of us contributes to the achievement of company’s goals. We put team’s goals before personal interests.


Willingness to respond to changes quickly, to change outdated best practices to new, more efficient ones in order to achieve business results.

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We introduce the most successful innovative tools for achieving goals into our work – trending technologies, formats of interaction, assessment tools and methods of control.


We carefully examine the situation before taking decisions, we timely fulfill our obligations and are responsible for the taken decisions and actions.