Success stories

  • Grigory

    Head of TELS GLOBAL Office in Warsaw

    Could you tell us how you joined the company? What were the initial challenges?

    TELS GLOBAL’s dynamic growth and plans to conquer the European market brought me to the company. In 2016, the company decided to open an office in Warsaw and several determined and ambitious managers moved to Poland to implement the project.

    It was then that I started looking for a new job where I could use my foreign languages and channel all my energy and motivation. I was looking for something that would make me feel excited, challenged, and involved. I wanted to improve, be a valuable member of the team, and succeed. That’s when the offer to work at TELS GLOBAL came along.

    The company was considering me for two positions: Sales Specialist and International Freight Forwarder at the Office in Poland. In the end, the Office Director saw my potential and offered me the position of International Freight Forwarder. I do not regret the decision. TELS GLOBAL has been like a second family to me from day one. I enjoy coming to work every day – every day I can develop, gain new knowledge, and use my skills to the full.

    As time goes by, are you still convinced that you made the right choice?

    Logistics was a new field into which I immersed myself and it completely absorbed me. It was exactly what I had dreamed of, and it suited my disposition, working style, and interests. Lots of dealing with counterparts from different countries, new tasks and challenges every day, a crazy rhythm of work. No time to be bored! I never liked being bored or wasting time, and my values matched those of the company.

    Is there a moment in your career that particularly motivated you or gave you confidence that you were on the right path?

    I was fully committed to what I was doing. Under my leadership, the performance of the French Office improved many times over, the geographical coverage of shipments was expanded, new types of shipments were introduced and the number of customers and business partners increased significantly.

    The company had faith in me and gave me the opportunity to put my ideas into practice and grow. I attended and successfully completed the first training course for the top management candidate pool. Soon after, the company made me an offer I couldn’t decline – to become Director of the Warsaw Office. This was the start of a new stage in my career at TELS GLOBAL.

    What skills have helped you reach such heights?

    To advance and achieve my goals, I rely on a strong drive for results, a high level of accountability for my actions, teamwork, empathy, and emotional intelligence. The important thing is that even after 17 years I still enjoy what I do.

    What principles guide you as Director?

    The principles that guide me are as follows:

    - There are no wrong people. There are employees in wrong positions and incompetent managers.
    - There is no effective team without mutual respect and trust.
    - We are here because the company needs us and we need it. It’s all about mutual enrichment.

    The motto that guides me in my work is “If you don’t know what to do, make a step forward!”

  • Evelina

    Head of Legal Department

    How did you start your journey with TELS GLOBAL?

    I started my work at TELS GLOBAL as a lawyer. About a year later, I was offered a management position – Senior Lawyer. At that time there was no legal department in Warsaw, we did individual assignments for internal clients. When the company decided to set up a legal department in Warsaw, I was offered the position of its head to organize its work. I accepted the offer with great enthusiasm and some concern about how I would handle the new position.

    What do you value most about working in our company? Is there an aspect that makes you want to build your career in this company?

    Unpredictability. This is going to sound weird, but I’ll explain. It is about the dynamics inherent in our industry, there is no chance for boredom in transportation, there is always something going on, every time I am faced with new challenges, non-standard situations to be handled in a way that makes all parties happy. Continuous professional development by gaining more and more experience is what makes me strive for further growth in our company.

    Are there any barriers to professional development for women?

    I have not noticed any barriers for women, some time ago I resumed work after maternity leave and I have not experienced any negative feedback or consequences, quite the opposite. I believe that in our company it is possible to develop and achieve career success regardless of gender, both women and men have equal opportunities for development and promotion. Everything depends only on competence and determination.

    How do you manage to combine your personal and professional life?

    It is not easy, probably for everyone, but thanks to the introduction of the distance work format, with the option of childcare, it has certainly become easier. I make sure that my staff are able to maintain a work-life balance. We work with enthusiasm and dedication, but we believe that an effective employee is a rested employee, so we try to manage our working hours to maintain a work-life balance.

  • Julita

    Head of Western Europe Department

    How did you come to TELS GLOBAL?

    After moving to Warsaw 10 years ago and getting my first job there, I started looking for a job in my specialist area. On one of the logistics portals, I found an ad for an Assistant in the Forwarding Department. At the time, I had no experience in the field and it was a perfect opportunity to start my professional endeavor. I have worked here for more than nine years.

    How has your career path changed at TELS GLOBAL?

    After just a few months as an Assistant in the Forwarding Department, I had the opportunity to try my hand as a Junior International Freight Forwarder. Over the years I have worked as a Freight Forwarder and a Deputy Manager, and for the last 2 years as a Forwarding Manager in the Western Europe Department, leading a team that now consists of 12 people.

    What challenges do you face on a daily basis at TELS GLOBAL?

    The challenges in this industry certainly include the impact of the geopolitical situation on the market. In recent years, for example, we have seen a pandemic, a driver shortage, and a war in our neighbor to the east. All of these have had an impact on where we are today. Every day we face the stress of not having enough time to deliver to our customers on time.

    Managing a team in this industry in a volatile market allows us to gain experience on many levels in a shorter period of time and be more flexible to changes in the market. With such a large team, it is also important to have a personalized approach to each employee and to anticipate their needs, which is the foundation of a successful business.

    How would you rate our company’s corporate culture? Are there any initiatives or practices that particularly motivate you to work for the company?

    In the few years that I have worked here, the Warsaw Office has more than doubled in size. Despite this, the company has maintained a good, almost family-like atmosphere, and employees socialize during their free time.

    The company also organizes various events where we have the opportunity to integrate with other departments in support of the company’s core business.

    The most motivating factors at TELS GLOBAL are the good working atmosphere, the professionalism of colleagues, the possibility of hybrid work, and flexible working hours to maintain a work-life balance.

    We are also motivated by the fact that we are involved in the supply chain where we are the end users of the products we deliver to Poland for our customers.

  • Vladislav

    Head of SRM Department

    How did you hear about our company and what were your first impressions?

    It was 2016, just after I had completed my second year of training for a degree in supply chain management. I was looking for logistics companies where I could do a mandatory two-week internship. TELS GLOBAL was one of the few companies that responded quickly to my enquiry and invited me for an internship after just a few weeks. I ended up being placed in the Western Europe Department. It all started somewhat unexpectedly, as I had anticipated a normal office internship, but instead I was given the opportunity to be actively involved in logistics operations. From the beginning, the Head of Department involved me in various tasks related to the supply chain organization. That was when I realized what logistics was in practice. At the end of the internship, the company offered me a position as an Assistant in the Department.

    What is your current job and what does it mean to you?

    I work as a Head of Department at TELS GLOBAL, but my path to this position has been full of challenges and promotions. I started as an Assistant in the Forwarding Department and was promoted to a Junior Freight Forwarder. Working at TELS GLOBAL has given me many opportunities for development.

    In 2018, TELS GLOBAL introduced the League of Innovators Project, where employees could propose their ideas for the development of the company. It was a great honor for me to have my idea selected from the many submissions. For two years I worked as an International Freight Forwarder and participated in the project.

    After the project was completed, I was promoted to a Head of SRM Department in Warsaw. After a few years, thanks to hard work and determination, I became a Head of SRM Department in the whole TELS GLOBAL Group. Now I am responsible for one of the company’s thirteen processes and several internal products.

    What I like most about my job is the vast amount of knowledge I get from the Operations Department, subcontractors, and management. By analyzing their needs and problems, I create processes that are as efficient as possible for everyone involved. The job requires a lot of dedication and responsibility and keeps me busy, which is why I love it.

    What do you enjoy most about working at our company? Is there any aspect that particularly motivates you?

    What I like most about our company is the atmosphere that encourages cooperation and achievement of common goals. TELS GLOBAL employees are very dedicated and always strive to achieve results. In my eight years with the company, I have never met a person who would “rain on our parade”. Everyone works as a team, which creates a unique atmosphere.

    One aspect that particularly motivates me is the openness of the company’s management to new ideas. Regardless of our position, we are always encouraged to share our ideas and suggestions. This gives us the opportunity to contribute to the development of the company and we feel that our ideas are really valuable. This openness to innovation and development creates an inspiring atmosphere that motivates me to continually improve and bring positive change to the company.

    In your opinion, what is the basis of good cooperation?

    Good cooperation is an ongoing process that requires self-improvement and developing relationships with others. All participants should strive to create an atmosphere of mutual support and understanding.

    I like that TELS GLOBAL is based on several key elements that together create healthy and effective relationships between individuals and teams: communication, trust, shared goals, collaboration, conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion, empathy, responsibility, and adaptation.

    How do you spend your leisure time? Is there anything in particular that inspires or relaxes you?

    Outside of work, the most important thing for me is spending time with my family. I try to spend as much time as possible doing activities together with my son. This brings me great joy and strengthens the family bond.

    One of my hobbies is tennis. Playing tennis is a way to take a break from the worries of everyday life and spend your time in an active way. It is also a great way to keep fit.

    I find inspiration and relaxation in travelling with my family too. It allows me to get away from the daily grind and expand my horizons.

    All these activities help me to relax, gain new perspectives, and enjoy life outside of work.