TELS optimizes groupage deliveries from Europe

Internal structure reorganization of the TELS Groupage Department took place in February 2015. It aimed to speed up the processes of collection, consolidation and deliveries of groupage shipments to various destination points.

Department of Transport Decisions is a new department which deals with collection and consolidation of goods in Europe. It gets together all the orders from TELS Client-Managers, works out the logistic decisions, consolidates the goods in Europe in the best way to avoid the delays and to maximize the freight opportunities. It allows to minimize both: price and transit time.

Several warehouses in Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany are used for groupage deliveries from Europe to CIS-countries. Once the order is confirmed it takes 24-48 hours to deliver goods to the consolidation warehouse. Shipments to Belarus and Russia are organized on daily basis. All kinds of goods are accepted for transportation (including ADR-goods, goods which require temperature conditions etc.)