Information For Transport Operators

Cooperation with transport companies

TELS GLOBAL invites international transport companies to mutually beneficial cooperation. We offer long-term and reliable partnership with a large freight forwarding company, distinguished by a team of highly qualified professionals as well as by guaranteed and timely financial arrangements.

For Road Transport Carriers


TELS GLOBAL ensures:

  • Regular import and export transportation offers
  • Ongoing cargo escorting by a personal curator 
  • Correct execution of all accompanying documents 
  • Timely fulfillment of financial obligations
  • Assistance with en route troubleshooting

TELS GLOBAL cooperates with contractors on mutually beneficial terms meeting the highest security requirements. In order to start cooperation with TELS GLOBAL, haulers should comply with the following criteria:

  • Cargo liability insurance according to the CMR convention (long-term or one-time)
  • Transport company’s goodwill
  • Successful fulfillment of the transport company’s cooperation obligations in full accordance with our company’s established procedures
  • Contractor’s transportation facilities and services compliance with TELS GLOBAL requirements 

For Airlines 


TELS GLOBAL has been delivering cargos by air since 2007. Our air transportation geography includes the following countries:
  • Europe: Austria, England, Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Italy, Czech Republic, etc.  
  • Asia: from Afghanistan to China and Kyrgyzstan 
  • North, Central and South America: Canada, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina, Brazil. 
  • Middle East: Israel, Iran, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, etc. 
  • Australia: Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, etc. 

For Sea Carriers


TELS GLOBAL provides the following types of marine transportation:

  • FCL standard (full container load);
  • LCL standard (less than container load).

Our marine transportation extends to the following territories: Europe, Asia, Middle East and Far East (including China), the Indian Peninsula countries, North and South America, North Africa, South, West and East African Littoral, Australia and New Zealand. Transported cargo types:

  • container cargos;
  • temperature controlled cargos;
  • project (over-sized, heavyweight, etc.) cargos;
  • valuable cargos;
  • dangerous cargos;
  • complete, specialized and general cargoes.

For Railroad Hauliers


TELS GLOBAL provides railroad transportation services across the, Republic of Kazakhstan, Baltic countries and the Middle Asia including exporting, importing and transit.

Our specialists have significant experience in railway transportation arrangement, which includes a whole range of transportation services and cargo types (oversized, dangerous, etc.), from a single container to block shipments.