New TELS office in Minsk

Since 1th of November TELS Minsk office is located at Logoyskiy tract, 22A.

Opening of Air carriages department

Air transportation services were provided earlier by Multimodal department and basically were used for import of goods into CIS countries.

TELS company is a winner of “Freight forwarder of 2009” contest

After annual contest “Freight forwarder of 2009”, held by Belorussian Association of International Forwarders (BAIF), TELS company was rewarded with cup and “For sustainable development of freight-forwarding activities” laureate’s diploma.

TELS widens network of consolidation warehouses for groupage shipments processing

TELS possesses 9 consolidation warehouses: in Germany (3 warehouses), Italy, Spain, Poland and Belarus (2 warehouses).

Whom does Exxon choose? Companies like TELS

Russian TELS branch office has received a certificate of correspondence JSC “TELS-RUS” with ExxonMobil requirements to carriers. It is the second company in Russia, which received such certificate.

TELS trademark registration in Russia

Rightholding of TELS and ТЕЛС trademarks is registered in State Register of Trademarks and Signs of service to Federal Services of intellectual property 24.12.2009. Registration term: till 07.04.2018

TELS trademark international registration

Colorful combined trademark of TELS has been registered at 3 MKTU classes (35,36,39) in 31 countries: