Multimodal Freight Services

Multimodal Freight Forwarding with TELS GLOBAL

Optimized delivery schemes using several modes of transport and door-to-door transportation.

Geography of transportations and modes of transport

  • transcontinental transportations using sea and air modes with delivery to/from sear ports;
  • intercontinental multimodal transportations across Europe and Asia using sea, air, rail and road modes.

Cargo types

Almost any type of goods, including:

  • dangerous (ADR);
  • requiring temperature control;
  • oversized and heavy-weight;
  • project.

TELS GLOBAL can boast of rich experience in transportation of medical equipment and medicines, chemicals, dangerous heavy equipment, manufacturing lines, oil-and-gas production equipment, specialized machinery, various appliances and electronics, ceramics and consumer goods from the USA, China, Korea, Taiwan, African countries, etc.

Comprehensive solutions

TELS GLOBAL experts will:

  • define the best route according to Customer’s priorities;
  • find the best vehicles;
  • provide all kind of operations at ports and railway stations (monitoring of loading, repacking, consolidating, warehousing, freight examination, etc.);
  • assist with documents and customs clearance;
  • offer cargo insurance at profitable rates;
  • provide professional advice on transportation issues.

Risk management

Customer’s insurance against risks is granted by:

  • TELS GLOBAL professional liability insurance with the limit of 2,500,000 euros for each case;
  • providing insurance from TTClub – top insurance company in the world with a high reliability rating.

Experts of TELS GLOBAL Legal Department will help you with everything – from insurance to settlement of insurance claims.

We work with numerous companies, including the largest local and global businesses (letters of recommendation on request).

For more details contact our Client Support representatives at our branch offices (please click on the links below to get the contact details):


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