Sustainable Development and Increase In Key Indicators


Ever since the company was founded, TELS GLOBAL has been showcasing sustainable development and increase in key indicators at the time of both market growth and the world's financial crisis.

In order to keep developing and ensure liabilities execution to our clients, TELS GLOBAL takes up the following steps: 

We strengthen financial sustainability 

  • The company owns 100% share of its capital, which ensures that the company’s development is based on the internal funding sources; 
  • Managerial accounting is based on the international financial reporting standards (I.AS.); 
  • Thecompany’s financial status is estimated by the international rating agency D&B (Dun&Bradstreet); 
  • We cooperate with the world’s cargo transportation insuranceleaders. 

We control and increase our services quality

  • The company regularly monitors both clients' satisfaction and expectations for our services level; 
  • Our contractors’ services quality is strictly supervised; the company is constantlylooking for new reliable partners; 
  • The company adapts the latest information technologies advantages to enhance its customer service; 
  • The company undertakes regular external and internal audits of its quality management system and ecological management system (ISO). 

We invest in development

  • The analytics department at TELS GLOBAL examines the international cargo transportation market in details on a regular basis;
  • The company opens new branch offices and departments to develop new cargo transportation areas;
  • The company’s internal Corporate Education Center arranges ongoingemployees’ training. 

TELS GLOBAL 2023 ESG Report (link)