WTO along with IMF Downgrades Outlook for Global Trade

The World Trade Organization (WTO) lowered its forecast for global trade growth to 3.9% in 2018 and 3.7% in 2019. (The WTO expected 4.4% growth in global trade by the end of 2018 and 4% in 2019). The growth rates slow down significantly over 2017 (4.7%).

“We Fly When We Need!” What does “contractor’s reliability” imply in air freight transportation

So, how to make logistics processes involving air transportation predictable and easy to plan? Experts of Air Transportation Department of TELS Group of Companies share their experience.

Project Transportation Case. Objects 33 Meters Long and 104 Tons from Poland to Belarus via Ukraine

Project transportation is the delivery of such types of cargoes as production lines, large consignments of equipment, plants, etc., as well as transportation of bulky and heavy cargoes implying thorough analysis of the route and possible engineering intervention in road infrastructure.The professional experience of TELS Group of Companies includes a large number of different logistics projects. We would like to share with you the details of a project transportation case.

Case. Air Delivery of 67 Barrels of Raw Materials for Perfume Production in Russia from China

Specialists of TELS Group of companies are accustomed to fulfilling non-routine tasks requiring cargo transportation by air. We would like to share a case when transporting itself is the least difficult task of all the tasks requiring urgent solution.

Shortage of Truck Drivers Is a Developing Negative Trend

The logistics community has been discussing the shortage of professional drivers for quite a long time. The recent statistics figures show that the current situation is not just a temporary difficulty but a developing negative trend.

What Awaits the Container Shipping Sector in the Year 2018…

Evgeny Deshchenej, Head of the Department of multimodal transportations of TELS Group of Companies, shares his view on the container shipping market and rate trends expected in the new year.

Applying Design Thinking to the Work of Logistics Managers

A lot of cases have been published on the web-site of TELS Group of Companies in the last year. The cases bring into focus the results of our employees’ work involving preparation and optimization of logistics schemes for clients. I can take the liberty to say that a creative approach in the work of logistics managers is one of the key competencies today allowing to cope with the assigned tasks successfully.