TELS Office in Great Britain increases its volumes of transportations from GB to EU and CIS countries

As a result of operating structure expanding of TELS UK office there is a growth in the quantity of transportations between Great Britain and other countries, especially the countries where TELS offices are situated.

In January-May 2015 the quantity of transport orders for the destination GB – DE increased by 83% (comparing with the same period last year).

The volumes of the transportations from Poland to Great Britain are increasing rapidly: the quantity of transport orders is 5 times higher.  The statistics of transportations to Czech Republic is also positive, it increased by 5%.

GB – CIS destinations:  

  • The quantity of exports to the Republic of Belarus increased by 50%;
  •  Imports form Russian Federation increased in 2.7 times.

NOTE. TELS office in London was founded in 2001 with such main functions as: administrative and financial management of the TELSGroup; organizing of transportations within European Union.  In 2015 the operating structure of the London office was expanded to develop the destination of transportations from Great Britain and Ireland to the CIS countries (import/export).