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TELS enhances export facilities from Russian Federation and Ukraine

In 2014 TELS amplifies its lines of cargo road transportation from southern regions of Russian Federation and Ukraine to EU countries.

New line of groupage cargo delivery to Ural and Volga regions

TELS announces new line establishment that will serve groupage cargo delivery by road transport from Europe to Russian Federation regions of Ural and Volga.

TELS Polska Sp. z o.o. is changing the registered office

From 1st of January 2014 TELS Polska Sp. z o.o. is changing the registered office. Our new address is: ul. Kłopotowskiego 22, 03-717 Warszawa

Cargo traffic between Scandinavia and Russia: a shift from land to sea transport

For 3 recent years the number of cargo transportations between Scandinavia and the Russian Federation has significantly increased. The main trade partner of Russia in this region is Finland – its cargo turnover with the Russian Federation exceeds freight traffic from/to Sweden and Norway by several times

Industrial product transportation between EU and Russian Federation

In a few years the freight traffic of the commercial production has increased by more than 1.5 times between Russian Federation and the European Union in both directions. The import volume of industrial goods from the EU to Russia by four types of transport, i.e. by sea, air, road and railway, has risen from 5.4 to 8.5 million tons

Commodity pattern of air carriages between EU and Russia

Over recent years the air cargo turnover between the EU and Russian Federation in value terms has outstripped €7 billion. Moreover, the turnover in value terms between import and export to Russia has differed by 1.5 times, while in terms of volume there has been a tenfold divergence between them

Growing import and reduced export in road haulage market from Scandinavia to Russia

For the last few years road haulage market between Russia and Scandinavian region have shown strong trend of growing import to the Russian Federation while the export figures have been going down. The main chunk of freight turnover with Russia among Nordic countries belongs to Finland

Cargo transportation from Germany: 2012 trend analysis

For many years Germany has remained the leading foreign trade partner to Russia. It greatly outpaced the EU countries in terms of import volumes to Russian Federation and is considered as one of the three major exporters from Russia

TELS has joined to UN Global Compact

TELS made another step in the development of its social policy. In October 2013 it joined to one of the largest UN initiatives – the Global Compact.

Europe cut import of certain commodity groups

In the first quarter of 2013 the total cargo turnover from the EU to the countries of the Customs Union by road transport has comprised 2 018,000 t. It is 10,6% less compared to the same period last year. According to the trading stock analysis, reduction in cargo turnover has been caused by shrinking oil product imports to the EU.

Russian clothing retail market is on steady growth path

TELS Group of companies Analytics Department reported a number of concepts related to the Russian clothing retail market. Generally, the research results reflect overall development trends of the world market and Russian market, while some figures are likely to surprise.

Poland is named “The China of Europe”

Today the economy of Poland is a unique phenomenon in the European Union. The country is often referred to as “The China of Europe”. Specialists of professional consultancy services “Ernst and Young” together with Oxford Economics Research Institute rated the Republic of Poland as one of the 25th local markets which will influence the world economy over the next decade.

Motor trucking between the EU and Russian Federation in 2011-2012

In 2012 more than 16 million t of cargoes from the EU to Russian Federation were transported by road transport (+10,7% in comparison with 2011). The export from Russia to the EU comprised 7,55 million t (+4,7% in comparison with 2011)

Economic development forecast globally and in Eastern Europe in 2013 and 2014

EBRD forecast on economic development in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development published the quarterly economic development forecast for 2013 in Eastern Europe

The volume of sea transportations between EU countries and Ukraine is growing

For 7 months of 2013 the volume of sea transportations between Ukraine and EU countries increased by 2,85% in comparison with the same period last year and is equal to 12,7 million tons. 

Cargo transportation from the Balkans to Russia

The cargo import from the Balkans (Turkey, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Slovenia) to the Russian Federation is stepping up

On October 1, 2013 eco taxes come into effect in France

The environmental toll is collected from transport vehicles that move across the French taxable national and regional road network (15,000 km). The toll is due for all transport modes registered in France or abroad if the total permissible weight of a vehicle (or a trailed unit of combined transport vehicles) is higher than 3.5 tons.

Next TELS own fleet replenishment

TELS group road transport enterprise TELS CARGO obtained new batch of heavy-duty trucks on 12th of August 2013.

Modal split between railway and road transport

Different resources have recently informed that there is a tendency to deliver more cargoes by railway transport than by motor vehicles.  In order to check this information the Analytics Department of TELS Group of companies has examined the road and railway freight traffic activity between EU countries and the Russian Federation over a period of 4 months (January-February), 2012/2013 in terms of total cargo turnover and commodities groups.


TELS legal support “Partner should feel perceive protection”

A “round table” about forwarding activities legal support and legal protection of company’s and its partners’ behoofs has been held in TELS.