Logistics News with TELS GLOBAL

TELS legal support “Partner should feel perceive protection”

A “round table” about forwarding activities legal support and legal protection of company’s and its partners’ behoofs has been held in TELS.

Contractor’s security check as one of chief security issues

New instruction of contractors permit-to-work has been developed in TELS to improve cargo safekeeping activities.

Criteria of business reliability. Risk management

Circular table on risk management issues has been held at TELS Corporate Training Center.

TELS continues to enlarge own fleet of heavy-weight trucks

TELS transport department has obtained 3 new couplings in accordance with yearly plan of truck fleet replenishment:truck tractor DAF FT XF105.460 with curtainsider semitrailors KRONE Typ SD available for prompt loading from 3 sides and from the top.

4th batch of new trucks in 2012

Motor transport department TELS – TELS CARGO has obtained next (4th in 2012) batch of new trucks on 19th of July – 5 couplings of truck tractor MAN TGX 18.400 and tilt semitrailer Koegel SN24.

New heavy-weight trucks within TELS own truck fleet

On 20th of June 2012 TELS own truck fleet has been replenished with new trucks for already 3rd time during the year. Three new truck tractors DAF FT XF105.460 in coupling with semitrailers SCHMITZ SCS 24/L (curtain sides and roof enable prompt loading from 3 sides and from the top) shortly will take on first loads from our Customers.

Satisfaction of Customers with TELS’s Service Has Grown Twice During a Year

TELS analytics sector has summarized “The Monitoring of Customers’ Satisfaction – 2012” outcome. This investigation takes place annually with the help of generally acknowledged world method SERQUAL which let define with a high degree of objectivity how our Customers evaluate the company and its service from the point of view of the main characteristics of quality.

Next TELS truck fleet enhancement

On 13th of June 2012 TELS truck fleet has been increased by 6 couplings consisting of truck tractor MAN TGX 18.400 and tilt semitrailer Koegel SN24.

TELS widens the possibilities of groupage cargo delivery

TELS group of companies has made a partner agreement with a consolidation warehouse in Forst, Germany, to improve cargo consolidation functions and optimize logistic patterns of package cargo delivery in the EU – CIS direction in May 2012. A new warehouse has large areas (two storehouses of 2,5 thousand square km), it is modernly equipped and has automated stocktaking, storage and cargoes movement systems.

TELS constructors in Minsk and Warsaw offices went under trainings

During April and May 2012 there was a training for TELS’ carriers contract work with TELS Key Customers.

Evaluate, choose, develop! Implementation of competencies model into TELS HR-practice

Active job is being carried out within TELS to implement HR-practice. In foreign companies’ managerial practice model of professional competency is considered to be a multipurpose tool

Carriage of high-priced equipment for poultry factory

In January-February 2012 TELS company has implemented project cargo transportation – carriage of equipment for poultry. Customer was one large Russian company

TELS transport enterprise’s 2011 activities’ results

The year of  2011 became successful enough for TELS transport enterprise – TELS Cargo LLC

524 learners went through educational course at TELS corporate training center in 2011

Personnel qualification is one of basic success components of cargo transportation activities. Continuous training and qualification growth of its employees enable TELS firm development and growth of services volume in any economic conditions.  

TELS improves conditions of its responsibility-to-clients insurance and cargo insurance conditions

In January 2012 TELS group of companies has obtained insurance policy from insurance company Brit Insurance (which is a member of large insurance company Lloyd’s, UK syndicate)

TELS carried out a survey of its contractors satisfaction in 2011

Our partners – transport companies – highly appreciate TELS services quality and competitiveness of cooperation terms. That are results received during regular monitoring of partners’ satisfaction and loyalty in November-December 2011

Enhancement of TELS heavy truck fleet

Within the bounds of own truck fleet enhancement program motor transport department TELS Cargo purchased next batch of vehicles: 5 couplings consisting of truck tractor MAN TGX 18.400 and tilt semitrailer Koegel SN24 with load capacity of 92 m3 and movable roof. Trucks meet EURO 5 standard ecological requirements. It is already second in 2011 replenishment of TELS own truck fleet.

TELS group of companies was partner of Exporters Forum, which took place in Minsk on 10th of November

The event was devoted to strategies of Belarusian companies’ appearance at international market. Steady economic growth strategy is considerably associated with export potential development and comprehensive integration of Belarusian economy into world economic system.

Qualified international-level service

International Group of companies TELS, leader in the field of transport & logistic services at CIS market successfully confirmed its compliance with international standards of quality management system and ecological management system ISO 9001 and 14001.

Transport company TELS Cargo replenished its truck fleet

Transport department of TELS group of companies – TELS Cargo obtained 5 new couplings consisting of truck tractors MAN TGX 18.400 and semitrailers Koegel SN24. Vehicles meet EURO 5 ecological requirements. Tilt semitrailers of 92 m3 capacity have movable roof, which simplifies top loading.