TELS widens network of consolidation warehouses for groupage shipments processing

TELS possesses 9 consolidation warehouses: in Germany (3 warehouses), Italy, Spain, Poland and Belarus (2 warehouses). If Customer’s order will be obtained by noon, his goods will arrive at consolidation warehouse within 24-48 hours. If Customer desires, he can deliver his goods on his own to any our consolidation warehouse, where goods will be placed by experienced warehouse staff for further transportation to destination.

If necessary, goods will be sufficiently repacked, marked, etc. and then transported by truck en route in accordance with a schedule.

Along the transportation submission of accompanying documents is controlled by high-class specialists in the field of customs control and logistics. Paperwork required for customs clearance is prepared in advance. TELS clients are provided with discount of 20% to costs for customs agent services in Belarus.

Ultimately, we get efficient mechanism of small lot of goods door-to-door delivery.

TELS Groupage Department contacts:

In Belarus: +375 17 210-49-31 , +375 17 210-49-34

Cell: +375 29 691 7777 , +375 33 691 7777

In Russia: +7 495 937 09 84

In Ukraine: +38 044 454-72-27