Whom does Exxon choose? Companies like TELS

Russian TELS branch office has received a certificate of correspondence JSC “TELS-RUS” with ExxonMobil requirements to carriers. It is the second company in Russia, which received such certificate.

Reference: ExxonMobil

Corporation occupies nearly 19% of base oil consumption world market and nearly 13% of ready oils market, it owns 13 oil-processing plants and 48 oil-mixing plants.

In order to become a potential partner of the company, it is necessary to have high rating and confirm it during the visit.

High attention is paid to issues of safety and ecology. ExxonMobil leads the list of this industrial sector companies with the fewest quantity of oil leaks. In 2007 environmental protection costs in different world areas comprised nearly 3.8 billion USD.

One can judge about strict safety requirements at company’s enterprises by hanging on the outside of plant signboard – it shows safety statistics of last and current year (quantity of incidents – 0, quantity of safety enhancement suggestions - more than 200, quantity of days since last incident – more than 1500).

Multitude of posters hanging at entrance doesn’t let anybody to forget about safety. There also hang ISO 14001 certificate and quality certificate, received by the company. ISO 14001 certificate, obtained from Lloyds company, testifies of compliance with tough requirements. But plant employees say it’s easy to meet them as internal company’s requirements are harder.