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“We Fly When We Need!” What does “contractor’s reliability” imply in air freight transportation

So, how to make logistics processes involving air transportation predictable and easy to plan? Experts of Air Transportation Department of TELS Group of Companies share their experience.

Project Transportation Case. Objects 33 Meters Long and 104 Tons from Poland to Belarus via Ukraine

Project transportation is the delivery of such types of cargoes as production lines, large consignments of equipment, plants, etc., as well as transportation of bulky and heavy cargoes implying thorough analysis of the route and possible engineering intervention in road infrastructure.The professional experience of TELS Group of Companies includes a large number of different logistics projects. We would like to share with you the details of a project transportation case.

Case. Air Delivery of 67 Barrels of Raw Materials for Perfume Production in Russia from China

Specialists of TELS Group of companies are accustomed to fulfilling non-routine tasks requiring cargo transportation by air. We would like to share a case when transporting itself is the least difficult task of all the tasks requiring urgent solution.

Shortage of Truck Drivers Is a Developing Negative Trend

The logistics community has been discussing the shortage of professional drivers for quite a long time. The recent statistics figures show that the current situation is not just a temporary difficulty but a developing negative trend.

What Awaits the Container Shipping Sector in the Year 2018…

Evgeny Deshchenej, Head of the Department of multimodal transportations of TELS Group of Companies, shares his view on the container shipping market and rate trends expected in the new year.

Applying Design Thinking to the Work of Logistics Managers

A lot of cases have been published on the web-site of TELS Group of Companies in the last year. The cases bring into focus the results of our employees’ work involving preparation and optimization of logistics schemes for clients. I can take the liberty to say that a creative approach in the work of logistics managers is one of the key competencies today allowing to cope with the assigned tasks successfully.

Logistics 4.0 Might Change Dramatically in 2-3 Years

TELS Group of Companies provides comprehensive services for international freight transportation by all modes. Experts have been sharing their experience in transport logistics for 16 years following up important events and giving their comments, analyzing the TLS market, making forecasts of its development.

Ways to Stabilize and Accelerate the Delivery of Goods While Facing a Shortage of Transport

Against the rapid post-crisis growth of the freight transportation market in 2017, forwarding companies are facing the shortage of international transport, which resulted from the reduction in the truck fleet during the years of crisis. An obvious lack of transportation capacity is especially noticeable when arranging deliveries from distant regions of Europe to the countries of the EEU.

Trends in the Development of Transport Logistics Following the Results of TransPoland-2017

In November 2017, TELS Group of companies participated as an exhibitor at TransPoland exhibition in Warsaw. This year the exhibition gathered 190 exhibitors and more than 6000 participants from 34 countries. TELS Group of companies shares the “outward” view on a number of features of the current state and development trends of the European transport and logistics services market (TLS).

Case. Scheme of Uninterrupted Delivery of Edible Fats against Short-Term Production Requirements Planning

In order to minimize the costs of raw materials storage, our Customers often come with the idea of connecting production and logistics in a way to provide the delivery of raw materials in the required volumes meeting the deadlines. The service is quite common in TELS market, but things becomes more complicated when raw materials require certain conditions of transportation and the delivery is performed against short-term production requirements planning.

Case. Delivering Pharmaceutical Products from France to Russia Quickly with No Direct Transport Available

Transportation of pharmaceutical products often requires strict compliance with temperature conditions. It is usually quite easy to find the available refrigerated transport when arranging the delivery of such cargoes to the EEU countries from the near regions of Europe. However, when it comes to delivering from the distant regions of the European Union, it is always a problem to find refrigerators, especially in market growth conditions.

Case. Optimization of the Scheme for Veterinary Cargo Delivery from France to Russia with Limitations in Supplier’s Veterinary Service

TELS group of companies provides international shipping of cargoes for its customers, including those that require veterinary certificates to cross EEU border successfully. What can be done when supplier’s veterinary service issues certificates only on Thursday and Friday and the supplier requests to perform loading proportionally during the week? In this case, the car loaded on Monday or Tuesday has to stand idle for 3-4 days.

TELS participates in the exhibition TransPoland 2017

TELS group of companies participates in the exhibition TransPoland 2017 in Warsaw on November 8-10.

Market Overview – Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan in January-June 2017

In January-June, 2017, the volume of road transportation in/from Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan increased over the same period in the previous year. The volume of imports to Russia also increased, while the exports revealed a negative trend, which happened due to the reduction in the exports of commodities.

Three 55-Ton Tanks from Germany to Volgodonsk, in Autumn, in 25 Days? Four times – “impossible”!

A story-case of an oversized cargo transportation from the real practice of the Oversized Cargo Transportation Department of TELS Group of Companies.