TELS has joined to UN Global Compact


TELS made another step in the development of its social policy. In October 2013 it joined to one of the largest UN initiatives – the Global Compact.

TELS policy of social responsibility has been determined and has been implemented in its activity since early years of company existence. From the very start the policy had two courses of development: ensuring of stable and perspective future for company’s employees and their families; company’s responsibility to society for activity’s results.

Social policy, which has been implemented in TELS, ensures following conditions and constantly operating activities: arrangement of comfortable desks for employees, training and constant professional progress of employees at Corporate Training Centre, active lifestyle stimulation, efficient nature recourses consumption, ensuring of efficient recycling; own fleet staffing with high ecological standard trucks, preference for contractors which operate along with ecological standards.

Global Compact joining is further step in development of company’s social policy. It is declaration of its adherence to idea of business social responsibility. It is declaration of its readiness to progress activity along with Global Compartment principles concerning human rights, employment relationship, environmental protection and corruption resistance.

HELP. Initiative UN “Global Compact” looks forward to development of business corporate social responsibility. Global Compact has been signed by participants from more than 100 countries. Global Compact participants commit their activity to 10 principles of business social responsibility. Thereby they guarantee business concern with most keen society problems, both on global and local levels.