Turkey as a promising destination country for economic ties

Due to its geographical position, Turkey connects Europe with the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia. It has always played a leading role in managing trade volumes on the continent. Today, Turkey continues to develop the Silk Road, a transit corridor connecting China and Europe.

According to the Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers (UTIKAD), more than 80% of all cargo transportation in Turkey is carried out by road. However, the road transport accounts for about 12.7% of all cargo.

More than 80% of Turkish exports and more than 92% of its imports in weight terms are carried out by sea: the total length of Turkey’s coastline is 7.2 thousand kilometers, while the land borders stretch for slightly more than 2.8 thousand kilometers. The annual volume of Turkish container transportation is 11.7 million TEUs. Turkey’s share in the global container transportation exceeds 2.5%. The figure is even higher for bulk cargo, amounting to 4.7%.

Turkey has a well-developed airline network. In 2022, the share of air transportation in value terms amounted to 10.7%.

TELS GLOBAL is actively working on the Europe–Turkey import and export transportation route. Turkey has extensive production and a wide range of commodity items, from industrial equipment to agricultural products.