Trucks in Sweden were allowed to increase their length by 9 meters

New regulations are in place in Sweden starting from the end of August. The allowed length of trucks will now be 9 meters more and will reach 34.5 meters.

According to Transportföretagen, the Swedish transport association, the increased length of trucks has many advantages. “You can carry more freight on one heavy truck, which results in less emissions per kilometer covered. Carriers will benefit, as well. Furthermore, the industry is experiencing a major shortage of drivers, so this measure is also beneficial for addressing the shortage of qualified personnel,” Marcus Dahlsten, CEO of Transportföretagen, states.

According to the experts, emissions from trucks can be reduced by 4–6%. However, for now, such long trucks will only be able to drive on highways approved by the transport inspectorate. The list of highways is being approved.

Other EU countries begin to pay attention to this practice. In particular, the issue of increasing standards is being addressed by Poland. Polish experts provide the same arguments in favor of the changes as the Swedish ones.