Traffic fines in Hungary to increase by 30%

The increase in the traffic fines in Hungary as of September 1 applies to almost every aspect, from speeding to driving and weight and dimensional violations.

For instance:

  • the minimum fine for speeding will amount to HUF 39,000 (EUR 100), with the maximum of HUF 390,000 (EUR 1,006);
  • red-light running will cost the driver HUF 65,000 (EUR 167);
  • fines for overloading can range from HUF 65,000 (EUR 167) to HUF 650,000 (EUR 1,700).

Fines related to transportation:

  • transportation without the required permit will cost HUF 780,000 (EUR 2,037), however, if an international permit is required, the carrier will face a fine of more than HUF 1 million (EUR 2,579);
  • if a foreign driver cannot provide the information required to verify the shipment, they can expect to be fined HUF 260,000 (EUR 670),
  • exceeding the allowed driving time will cost from HUF 13,000 (EUR 33) to HUF 390,000 (EUR 1,006).

Fines related to tachographs and tachograph cards:

  • absence of a tachograph will cost HUF 1 million (EUR 2,579);
  • if a driver uses more than one tachograph card, they will be fined HUF 520,000 (EUR 1,341);
  • if someone uses a fake tachograph card, they may face a fine of HUF 780,000 (EUR 2,012);
  • if a driver uses equipment or devices suitable for fraud, which are capable of changing the information recorded by the tachograph, the fine will be HUF 1 million (EUR 2,579). Both the driver and the carrier will pay the fine.

The Hungarian Road Haulage Association (Magyar Közúti Fuvarozók Egyesülete – MKFE) has recommended that the government conducts more inspections of foreign carriers, in particular, to record foreigners’ licenses or BiReg registrations and to penalize third-country carriers who do not use smart tachographs.