Toll Roads in Turkey – Pay to Leave or Stay

Obligatory payments for using highways and bridges have been collected since February 2017 from all the vehicles with foreign plates.

According to Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication Ahmet Arslan, foreign vehicles “caused serious losses for national economy” by using highways without being charged. However, everything has changed.

The Ministry states that all the vehicles with foreign plates will pay fees for roads and bridges irrespective of driver’s nationality. Those who don’t pay their fees will not be allowed to leave the country until they pay the required penalty.

Turkish customs authorities were granted the right to keep the vehicles with foreign plates on the territory of Turkey unless they pay the toll or penalty. It should be noted that the supervising authorities had not been able to apply the administrative measure to foreign carriers before.

The list of toll highways and bridges and payment rates have been published on the website of General Directorate of Highways of the Republic of Turkey:

Source: BAIF (