TELS GLOBAL in the China-Europe market: variety of delivery schemes

Several years ago, it became apparent that the European Union’s foreign trade interests were rapidly developing in the direction of trade with China and Southeast Asian countries. In 2020, China ranked first on the list of the European Union’s most important trading partners, surpassing the United States of America.

Thanks to the efforts of the TELS GLOBAL specialists, the company’s capabilities in cargo delivery on the China-EU route are developing at an accelerated pace. Well-established logistics schemes were repeatedly broken by unforeseen events, such as COVID-19 and the Russian-Ukrainian military conflict, which required immediate search for ways to restore broken supply chains by using different modes of transport and building alternative routes.

Currently we arrange transportation from China and other Southeast Asian countries by all modes of transport in various combinations.

The Multimodal Transportation Department offers a wide range of options:

  • Maritime transportation to major European ports – Hamburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam (the most popular routes).
  • Maritime transportation to the port of Gdańsk (our design scheme, which has a number of advantages for customers in Eastern Europe).
  • Direct rail container transportation from China (full containers and consolidated cargo).
  • Trans-Caspian route.
  • Multimodal sea and rail transportation via the Black Sea and Baltic Sea ports (full containers and consolidated cargo).

Air cargo delivery is organized by experienced specialists of the Air Transportation Department.

Intercontinental multimodal routes from Africa and America are also available for our customers.

At any given moment, based on the market situation, the TELS GLOBAL specialists will offer a delivery scheme with optimized time and cost according to the customer’s priorities.