TELS GLOBAL: consolidated cargo from Europe to Kazakhstan

Alexander Vusevich, Head of Consolidated Cargo Department

In connection with current world processes, many production and trading companies are actively reorienting to the Kazakhstan market. And, unfortunately, not many people know about our capabilities to deliver consolidated cargo from Europe.

In the current year, we started to deliver consolidated cargo regularly: for example, in July, consolidated goods have been delivered to Kazakhstan every week. I cannot yet say that we will be able to keep up with the weekly schedule, but we plan to transport goods once a week or two, despite all the difficulties.

Unfortunately, the speed of collection and consolidation of cargo is decreasing for a number of reasons: following the complicated logistics due to EU sanction restrictions in relation to Russia and Belarus (ban on transit of certain types of goods), the criteria for adding goods to the sanctions list are becoming more stringent, the volume of cargo not subject to sanctions is being reduced, and the time for processing export documents is increasing.

Due to sanction restrictions, we are not always able to deliver cargo from Europe to Kazakhstan in transit through Russia and Belarus. In such cases, we build a route through Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and the Caspian Sea. Particular route depends on the nature of the cargo (sanctioned or non-sanctioned) and the client’s priorities.

Now, we are loading trucks sent to the western part of Kazakhstan (Uralsk, Aksay, Atyrau, Aktobe, Astana) on our own. That’s why we fully control the price and time. We can adjust the schedule and, if necessary, speed up shipments. As for Almaty and other distant regions of Kazakhstan, if there are not many such orders, we cooperate with our partners and provide joint consolidated shipments. And in this case, control of price and delivery time is our number one priority.

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