Shipping goods from China to Europe takes 3 months on average

The period of 94 days is the average time for shipping goods by sea from China to Europe. The pre-pandemic average transport time was around 60 days.

According to the Flexport Corporation, the average shipping time by sea from China to Europe has increased by more than a month compared to the pre-pandemic period. The situation has improved in recent months - the transport time reached 120 days in the spring of this year.

Since April, the situation has been back to normal, and, according to analysts, it is possible that even before the peak of Christmas and New Year deliveries the average transport time will be reduced to a little over two months from the current three months.

Global indices show that shipping rates have been falling for many months. However, everything is not stable, since the situation in the world markets is fluid, and the list of problems is quite long. Carrier operators are still solving the problems of ongoing ship delays. The global supply chain disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is most often cited as the main reason for this poor shipping schedule reliability.

Another challenge is associated with the shortage of space on ships and the congestion of European ports (Gdansk / Gdynia, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp). In addition, workers in ports continue to protest.

The shipping schedule from the Far East to Europe has also been severely disrupted by the quarantine in Shanghai, which lasted more than two months, where the world’s largest port is located.