Criteria of business reliability. Risk management

Circular table on risk management issues has been held at TELS Corporate Training Center. Employees of transport companies supervision department, legal department, security department as well as managers of operations boards have taken part in the action.

Properly arranged risk management activities are among key factors of cooperation reliability and partner’s business risks minimization. Risk management is paid much attention to in TELS, a raw of policies and procedures aimed to diminish company’s risks and our customers’ risks have been designed in the company.

TELS risk management includes:

  • reliable contractors selection according to prescribed procedure of cooperation admission including thorough check of registration data authenticity as well as contractor’s market reputation;
  • reliable system of orders execution management with prompt discrepancies processing;
  • continuous personnel training and actualization of professional competencies at own corporate Training Center;
  • security department supervision of activities.

Customer’s risks insurance is realized by:

  • Insurance of TELS responsibility to Clients at European reliable insurance company Brit Insurance (Lloyd’s, UK) with liability limit of 750 000 EUR for every insured event;
  • cooperation only with transport companies which possess CMR insurance with liability limit of at least 200000 EUR

To provide full risks insurance we supply Clients with cargo insurance:

  • at possibly shortest terms, without franchise;
  • insurance policy can be submitted on Russian, English or French languages;
  • Support from the insurance itself up to settlement of insured event.

Results of discussion and experience exchange between the participants of “circular table” will be used for further improvement of TELS risks management policy. Its purpose is to correspond with promises we give to our Client: “Cooperation with TELS means minimal commercial risks”