TELS widens the possibilities of groupage cargo delivery

Active development of the groupage cargo delivery services from EU to CIS countries demands from TELS Groupage Board constant efforts of establishing relations with European contractors such as carriers, warehouses and agents.

TELS group of companies has made a partner agreement with a consolidation warehouse in Forst, Germany, to improve cargo consolidation functions and optimize logistic patterns of package cargo delivery in the EU – CIS direction in May 2012.

A new warehouse has large areas (two storehouses of 2,5 thousand square km), it is modernly equipped and has automated stocktaking, storage and cargoes movement systems. Convenient client service enables on-line supervision of stored cargo movement within the warehouse (receiving, storage, consolidation and dispatch) as well as required documentation availability control. Cargoes are being photographed during recept at the warehouse, and photos are being uploaded to the client block, which allows to control cargo conditions visually.

Constant service growth of Package Cargo Department has more than enough resources to organize quick and quality package cargo delivery from European Union to Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. TELS helps our Clients to optimize their time and financial expenditures on their enterprises activity logistic support.