Polish inspection protects its carriers from unfair competition

Rafal Weber, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, and Alvin Gajadhur, Chief Road Transport Inspector, have reported to Polish media that state inspections and services are checking almost 60 Russian- and Belarusian-owned transport companies working in Poland.

The drivers are checked for the correspondent qualification, medical and psychological examinations, types of rolling stock the operators have, companies’ compliance with the requirements for obtaining a permit for the carrier’s professional activity. The operation of region transport inspections is concentrated on compliance with drivers’ working hours.

The violations detected in the companies are quite significant. The following common violations were detected: failure to comply with drivers’ working hours (reducing rest time, exceeding driving time), and failure to record drivers’ activities in driver’s log sheets and record cards.

Violations of the provisions of the Law on Road Transport were detected in almost all companies.

Alvin Gajadhur stated that the Road Transport Inspection protects Polish carriers from unfair competition.

Source: trans.info