Polish carriers block border crossings in the east, with ZMPD’s support


On Friday evening, the protest of carriers in Koroszczyn ended. The decision in this matter was made by the mayor of the Terespol commune, who dissolved the assembly, reports tvp.info. The protesters left the site near the terminal. The queue is moving normally, said sub-inspector Beata Miszczuk from the Police Headquarters in Biała Podlaska.


The Polish truckers blocked the movement of trucks at the Koroszczyn terminal on May 9. Kozlovichy – Koroszczyn is the only remaining border crossing for trucks functioning on the Belarusian-Polish border.

The protesters demand to ban Russian and Belarusian semi-trailers from entering Poland and to take measures against the transport companies that Belarusians and Russians have founded on the territory of Poland.

The permission to hold the action was issued by the Polish authorities for the period from May 9 to June 9, 2023.

Earlier, the Polish carriers blocked the border crossing Dorohusk on the Polish-Ukrainian border, demanding compensation for their losses due to preferences for the Ukrainian transport companies.

The Association of International Road Transport Carriers in Poland (ZMPD) supports the striking businesses in Dorohusk and Koroszczyn and calls on members to take an active part in these protests. The president of the Association, Jan Buczek, stated that the protests were caused by a growing competitive imbalance between carriers from the EU and carriers from the East, including those from Ukraine.

To support the carriers’ protests in Dorohusk and Koroszczyn, the ZMPD decided to convene a road transport forum with the majority of Polish road transport organizations to discuss the protester’ demands in detail and develop a unified position.

Source: zmpd.pl