Poland is named “The China of Europe”

Today the economy of Poland is a unique phenomenon in the European Union. The country is often referred to as “The China of Europe”. Specialists of professional consultancy services “Ernst and Young” together with Oxford Economics Research Institute rated the Republic of Poland as one of the 25th local markets which will influence the world economy over the next decade. Despite the global financial crisis 2008, the economy of the country remains stable and stays on the road of steady development.

During the first years of the crisis, the country’s economy was the only one in the European Union to have a slight growth (1.7%) of GDP, where another Members of EU were stagnant. In 2011 the country’s GDP reached 3.8% and the following year increased to 4.2%. At present, the rapid growth and development of the economy is influenced by domestic consumption, which shows constant growth for the last three years. Compared to other Central and Eastern European countries in the region, Poland acquires a large internal consumer market of 38 million people. In 2010 the level of consumption increased by 2%, in 2011 by 3.3% and in 2012 by 3.2% compared to the last year.

Poland Central Bank forecasted economic growth at 2.3% in 2013, which is higher than in any Member of State. A large domestic market, volatile exchange rate of zloty and a small share of the financial sector in GDP will continue to support positive economic improvements.

Currently 56% of the country’s export goes to the European Union. Due to the fact that the market conjuncture in EU zone fluctuates, some Polish elite recommends to funnel the export into CIS countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The share of Polish export to Russia from total turnover transported by road transport has increased from 4.01%, 2011 to 5.05%, 2012.

Polish import-export turnover carried by road transport has grown by 1.3% in 2012 compared to the last year. The following comparison table is based on European statistical office Eurostat:

Yearly import-export
turnover transported by road
vehicles, Poland, tons
Year 2011Year 2012Market Dynamics
2012/2011, %
62 267 76263 070 153+1,3%
Import, tons30 763 11029 651 999-3,6%
Export, tons31 504 65233 418 154+6,1%

During the same period, cargo road transportation between Poland and the Russian Federation has increased significantly in both directions.

Yearly import-export turnover between
Poland and Russia transported
by road vehicles, tons
Year 2011Year 2012Market Dynamics
2012/2011, %
2 499 6753 186 52527,5%
Import, tons476 938628 65531,81%
Export, tons2 022 7372 557 87026,46%