Panama Canal has reduced its carrying capacity

The queues lining the approaches to the Panama Canal totaled 154 ships as of August 10, according to CNBC. This is equivalent to approximately 21 days of waiting time.

The vessel crowding was caused by the limitation of the daily number of transits introduced by the canal administration at the end of July with a view to save water used for filling the floodgates. The number of slots for vessels passing through the canal was reduced to 32 per day.

In addition, a limit on the vessels draft has been in effect since the end of May at a maximum of 44 feet, or 13.41 meters. This is the first time that a container carrier had to unload some of its containers in order to pass through the canal. According to the current draft limits, the new 17,000-ton Evergreen Ever Max could pass through the canal with 13,300 TEUs on board. 1,400 TEUs had to be unloaded at the Port of Balboa and transported by rail to Colon on the Atlantic side of the canal.