TELS Has Opened a New Office in the Czech Republic

TELS CARGO TELS office in Prague existing since 2011 was merged into a new transportation division of TELS CARGO in the Czech Republic in order to build service capacities of TELS Group of Companies and optimize cargo delivery schemes.

20 MAN trucks combined with KRONE semi-trailers as well as 20 MEGA (KRONE Mega Liner) semi-trailers with a loading height of 3 m were ordered specially for the Czech vehicle fleet. 6 MEGA semi-trailers have already been put into service to transport goods from Europe to the Russian Federation. The fleet will be fully equipped with the specified vehicles by the end of summer 2019.

The vehicles registered in the Czech Republic simplify logistics issues between the Czech Republic and the CIS countries allowing, among other things, to optimize cargo delivery processes given the shortage of international road haulage permits.

“The vehicle fleet registered in the Czech Republic allows to develop services between the Czech Republic and Russia (imports, exports) as such bilateral transportations, as a rule, do not face the shortage of permits. We will no longer be influenced so much by the constant reduction of Polish transit permits for Russian transport companies,” – commented Andrey Abragimovich, Director of Transport Business at TELS Group of Companies.

In future, TELS’s cars in the Czech fleet will enter intra-European road freight transportation market easily.

MEGA semi-trailers allow in certain conditions to reduce the delivery cost for the customer due to the greater loading capacity. In addition to that, the design of the new semi-trailers makes it possible to load cargoes up to 3 meters high.

“40 MEGA semi-trailers are already used in our Russian fleet. Unfortunately, their loading height is less than 3 m, so it is difficult to load cargoes with a maximum possible height using a forklift, which requires additional space from above. With the new MEGAs, the roof can be lifted up to 30-40 centimeters to load goods of 3 meters high without problem,” – explained Andrey Abragimovich.


MEGA-1.jpg      п.стойка-600.jpg


Currently, TELS’s own fleet consists of 300 MAN and VOLVO trucks with tent semitrailers of various designs. The fleet is expected to increase to 350 cars registered in Russia and the Czech Republic by the end of 2019.