Lithuania tightens the rules for transporting goods in the eastern direction

Starting July 3, 2023, a manufacturer’s declaration will be required for certain goods in transit from Lithuania through the Russian Federation or Belarus. The list approved by the Customs Department includes dozens of goods that can be used for military purposes or to increase the industrial potential of Russia.

What must the declaration contain?

The customs authorities must be provided with a document drawn up by the manufacturer of the exported or re-exported goods confirming that:

  • the manufacturer knows the seller and the buyer of its goods in the third country, and that the transaction they have entered into does not raise doubts as to whether the terms of international sanctions may not be satisfied in their execution;
  • the manufacturer is aware that the goods produced by it will be in transit through Belarus or Russia to a third country, and it is confident that the goods will not be resold, processed, stored, reloaded, including re-hitching a trailer or semi-trailer with the goods (replacing the truck), during the transit of goods through Russia or Belarus;
  • the manufacturer knows the end user of the goods it has produced and their end use in a third country, and the manufacturer of the goods is confident that the goods will not be used in a manner inconsistent with the terms of international sanctions.

“Failure to submit the above-mentioned document to the customs authorities of the Republic of Lithuania will result in the goods not being released from the European Union. In addition, in case of reasonable doubts as to the authenticity of the submitted document and the correctness of the information it contains, the Lithuanian Customs will contact the competent authorities of the country of the manufacturer of goods to verify the submitted document and the information it contains,” the Customs informed.