TELS legal support “Partner should feel perceive protection”

A “round table” of TELS Legal department has been held on September 21, 2012. Legalists from all company’s offices have met to share their experience, have drawn up common view of most keen issues of forwarding activities legal support, set the stage for TELS staff average legal education increase.

Natalya Krulovich, chief of TELS Legal Board: “Our customers and contractors protection level growth is one of important results of all activities aimed to increase TELS legal department qualification level. Company is extremely interested in continuous cooperation with its partners, that’s why partners should feel our cooperation is fruitful and safe in terms of our and their interests’ legal support. Partner should feel himself secured.

During “round table” several burning issues have been discussed, and the results will become a foundation of training programs for company’s employees. Here is a short view of discussed issues:

CMR consignment note as basis for mutual settlement of invoices between the carrier and the customer of freight-forwarding services. How much do they need CMR for payment? Difficulties of all parties supply with original CMRs. Practice of payment for carriages request action proceedings at courts of different countries. Difference of forwarding services documentary support in different countries and penalties size for any departure from requirements.

Insurance in TELS. Extra financial protection. Deals insurance. Cargo insurance as most effective protection from losses. Insurance conditions for TELS customers: beneficial rates, velocity, high reliability level, etc. Financial risks insurance as a way of creditworthiness handling optimization. Practice and conditions of financial risks insurance in Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation and Europe.

Creditworthiness liability ensuring. Creditworthiness growth necessity for active Customers in connection with increase of cooperation volume. Ways of Customers liability ensuring in terms of creditworthiness growth.

Cargo fastening. Adherence of accepted weight and axial stresses. Who’s responsible for cargo fastening? Practice of cargo damage due to inadequate fastening action proceedings at courts. Instruction of customers about ensuring of qualified cargo fastening. Adherence of accepted weight stresses: “according to regulations it’s responsibility of consignor, but in fact a carrier suffers”.

Legal and procedural position of freight forwarder in Russian Federation. Forwarder or agent (mediator): legal proof of forwarder’s status to rating authorities. Difficulties of forwarder’s interest protection and legal terms in Russian Federation. “Forwarding receipt” and “Letter of Attorney” on driver: legal regulations and real practice.

Road carrier at freight-forwarding activities: main problems. Contradictions of legislation and judicial practice. Heightened Customers’ requirements contrary to standard acts. Rightfulness of letter of attorney issue on third-party’s driver. Harmonization of Customer’s conditions with the carrier.

Straight results of the actions are cumulative knowledge base, which accumulates much from legal knowledge and legal practice in freight-forwarding services field.