Land Transportation from China to the European Union Increased by 22%

Over the las three years imports from China to the European Union has been steadily increasing. In 2015, 59.4 million tons of cargoes were delivered from China to the European Union by all modes of transport, which is 4.2% more than in the year 2014 (the growth of import in 2014 made 10.6% against the year 2013).

Cargo transportation from China to the EU during 2013-2015 (in tons)


Land transportation of cargoes in the specified direction shows high growth rates. In 2015, road transportation from China to the European Union increased by 22.3% against the year 2014, and rail transportation increased by 23.9% against the same period (although the volume of rail freight is rather small as compared to road freight). Air freight showed negative rates.


The major European importer from China transporting cargoes by road is the Netherlands. According to data from Eurostat, the Netherlands took 38.5% share in road transportation from China to the EU. As compared to the year 2014, cargo volume transported from China to the Netherlands by road increased 2.5 times (from 527 to 1290 thousand tons). The major increase in imports concerned industrial and household equipment, transport, industrial materials and manufactured goods. Moreover, imports of chemical materials and production grew.

In 2015, road freight from China also increased to Hungary, Spain, Italy, Great Britain (as well as Slovenia, Ireland, Latvia, although the general freight volume to these countries was insignificant).


In 2015, exports from the European Union to China increased by 8.6% totalling 788 thousand tons. Cargo volume increased from the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Italy, and the Czech Republic.

Marketing Department of TELS group of companies (according to data from Eurostat).