Kazakhstan is to become an important transport hub between Europe and China

The trade and investment forum “Poland-Kazakhstan”, organized by the Embassies of Kazakhstan and Poland, was held in Warsaw on June 15. The participants discussed, inter alia, the global disruption of supply chains and food security.

Experts believe that the Silk Road is recovering, although it looks different in the today’s trade and geopolitical conditions. Due to the events in Ukraine, rail transit to Europe via Russia and Belarus has begun to decline. A new role for Kazakhstan is to be a hub that will connect China and Europe.

The Trans-Caspian International Transport Route plays an important role in trade between Europe and China. This consortium includes Kazakhstan, China, Poland, and Romania. Kazakhstan is constantly working to increase the capacity of this logistics corridor by expanding ports, developing transport infrastructure.

According to the statistics, in 2022 the volume of trade between Poland and Kazakhstan amounted to more than 125 billion euro. More than 100 large companies from Poland successfully operate in Kazakhstan.

Source: trans.info