Hundreds of Vessels are Queuing Up at Chinese Ports

A number of vessels waiting to load or unload in the combined anchorage of Shanghai with Ningbo, where vessels are waiting for entry into ports, has increased by 17% in comparison to the previous month. Over 470 ships were reportedly waiting to enter the ports of China a few weeks ago.

“More than two weeks after Shanghai lockdown, the congestion has expanded to nearby ports “as ship-owners desperately divert ships to these ports – Bloomberg says. – There are only in Shanghai 15% more vessels than a month earlier. A little further to the south at Ningbo-Zhoushan there is 0.8% more vessels than last month, and ports of Rizhao, Dongjiakou and Qingdao have seen a 33% increase.”

The main reason for this complicated situation is reportedly the shortage of trucks to distribute containers inland.

This shortage is connected with additional strict restrictions imposed as a result of another Covid-19 outbreak. There has been announced lockdown in Shanghai restricting supply, production, trading and logistics, with mandatory testing introduced.