New line of groupage cargo delivery to Ural and Volga regions

TELS announces new line establishment that will serve groupage cargo delivery by road transport from Europe to Russian Federation regions of Ural and Volga. New department has been opened in January 2014 to ensure regular groupage cargo dispatches from European consolidation warehouses to these Russian regions.

The new line will enjoy full employment of TELS groupage cargo transportation process groundworks:

  • cargo delivery to consolidation warehouses of Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany within 24-48 hours;
  • cargo warehousing at concessionary rates;
  • weekly (or even more frequently) groupage cargo dispatch from consolidation warehouses to consignee’s region.
  • handling of dangerous cargoes, temperature controlled cargoes and any other cargo type.

Due to many years of experience, TELS groupage cargo delivery from Europe into CIS countries is carried out at shortest terms and at beneficial rates.

HELP: groupage cargo delivery – transportation of cargoes from different consignors to one or several consignees with the use of one vehicle. Due to such service client has a possibility to get small batches of cargo and pay just his part of freight rate.

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