Transportation of several kinds of oversized cargo in TELS is actually on continuing basis...

A separate specialized unit for transportation of project and oversized cargoes has been created in TELS in June 2013. The new department has accumulated all previous TELS experience in organization of heavy-weight, oversized and project cargoes delivery, and also started actively development of this type of services. As a result of the yearly active development, the volume of the services has grown several times.

At international lines, the largest share of heavy-weight, oversized and project cargoes delivery TELS implements from Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Hungary, actively develops oversized cargo transportation throughout Russia and CIS.

Anastasia Fursova, Chief of the oversized and project cargo delivery department:

"Prior to the formation of the oversized and project cargo delivery department, TELS provided these services only within comprehensive Customer service. If Customers have such need, according to company policy, we have tried to meet this need as much as possible - to organize transportation of oversized cargo or project transportation. We fulfilled them successfully, but we didn’t consider such services to our core business and did not specifically develop them.

Since June of 2013 our team has been engaged into active development and improvement of the oversized and project cargo transportation services. We had an immediate effect on the quantity and the quality implementation of such transport orders. Transportation of several kinds of oversized cargo in TELS is actually on continuing basis.

On a regular basis we supply airports of Russia with airfield equipment, provide transportation of road construction, agricultural, military, loading equipment, industrial machinery and components, equipment, etc.

Gradually, we plan to form two areas within the department, distinguishing carriages by type of cargo:

  • transportation of various types of (HWOC) equipment (road construction, port, warehouse, farm, etc.);
  • transportation of goods on special projects (or, as we call them, "Projects")

In our "portfolio" there are special projects of production lines and workshops transportations, workshops, heavy-weight and oversized equipment delivery. Recently, we signed a contract with a big energy company, which owns a number of hydroelectric power stations on the territory of Russia, after we won the tender for the transportation of a heavyweight. "


Arrangement of the heavy-weight and oversized cargo (HWOC) delivery, especially if cargo is much higher than the "standard" overall weight and dimensions parameters - this is one of the most difficult types of freight-forwarding services.

During oversized cargo transportation practical experience is important as nowhere else. Debugged (HWOC) delivery schemes, of course, mean a lot, but even carriage of same type of cargo on familiar route can sometimes cause unexpected problems requiring urgent solutions. Specialist pursues the objective – to minimize risks and to turn potential problems into the category of solvable issues. Quality of these issues settlement in TELS is confirmed by growing volumes of services.