Satisfaction of Customers with TELS’s Service Has Grown Twice During a Year

TELS analytics sector has summarized “The Monitoring of Customers’ Satisfaction – 2012” outcome. This investigation takes place annually with the help of generally acknowledged world method SERQUAL which let define with a high degree of objectivity how our Customers evaluate the company and its service from the point of view of the main characteristics of quality.

The monitoring gives an opportunity:

a) to define Customers’ current requirements of logistic service quality and to estimate TELS services comparing with Customers’ expectations;

b) to observe the dynamics of TELS service quality development according to Customers’ assessments.

According to received data analysis results the company undertakes correcting measures without fail for further growth of service quality.

On the first stage of the monitoring Customers were asked to figure out and evaluate most significant, on their opinion, quality criteria. After that according to 23 defined quality criteria we offered to estimate our company’s service. As a result we have got an opportunity to compare the Customers’ expectations with their estimation of TELS service quality.

Welcome news for us in 2012 became the fact that TELS service quality has surpassed the Customers’ expectations on 10 (out of 23) criteria (in 2011 there were only 6 such criteria). The degree of TELS’s service estimation has surpassed the expectations (requirements) of Customers on the following issues:

  • The personal manager for cooperation with your company
  • Company’s and popularity on market
  • Company’s managers are available at any time
  • Partnership relations with the forwarding company
  • The atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding between you and the personal manager of the forwarding company
  • Company’s staff are courteous and attentive to the Customers’ claims
  • Full complex cargo transportation service: all kinds of transport and cargoes, maximal amount of directions, additional services, etc.
  • Readiness for implementation of additional services (extra time, additional point, route alteration, etc.)
  • Simple and prompt procedure of cargo delivery order
  • Time of personal employment in transfer organization is minimal

On the whole, Customers’ satisfaction with our company service has grown twice if compare with the monitoring results of 2011. Traditionally the highest evaluation has been given to the quality criteria which provide our competitive advantage over other freight-forwarding companies – INDIVIDUAL APPROACH to cooperation with Customers. “Personal manager”, “courtesy and attention to Customers’ inquiries”, “atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding”, “availability at any time” in aggregate with “simple and prompt procedure of cargo delivery order” allow us to realize successfully the strategy of customer-centred orientation.

Our strategic goal is to achieve max possible correspondence of TELS service quality with Customers’ expectations at all significant criteria. We work daily on that and, according to the results of the investigation, achieve a success. In order to maintain and develop the success we are in constant contact with Customers and endeavor to be maximally beneficial and reliable partners for them.

Thanks to our Customers who have taken part in the questioning!