524 learners went through educational course at TELS corporate training center in 2011

Personnel qualification is one of basic success components of cargo transportation activities. Continuous training and qualification growth of its employees enable TELS firm development and growth of services volume in any economic conditions.  

TELS established its own Corporate training center. It is intended for professional training of new employees as well as qualification progress of working staff. 
During short period of time new TELS employees combine training with work. They obtain knowledge and become qualified international transportation specialists. 

Educational course “International transportation specialist” has been designed for company’s newcomers.  It includes full range of knowledge needed for successful transport operation – international transport and customs legislation, logistics practice, legal support, etc. 6 groups of learners, who replenished staff of developing TELS group of companies, went through educational course at TELS corporate training center in 2011. Training of newcomers is being carried out by experienced company’s employees, who possess practical experience and are aware of any aspects of operation in current situation. 

Regular studies for TELS operative employees are being organized in order to improve knowledge and competences of personnel management, legal support, marketing, utility provision, intellectual technologies, business security, etc. 40 studies have been carried out in 2011 and 524 learners in total went through educational course in order to increase employees’ professional quality level.

For the purpose of strengthening relations with our Customers, increase of operative interaction efficiency and development of long-term cooperation, TELS corporate training center offers its assistance regarding organization of training for customers’ employees on several  educational topics.