TELS constructors in Minsk and Warsaw offices went under trainings

During April and May 2012 there was a training for TELS’ carriers contract work with TELS Key Customers.

There are a number of peculiarities in work with corporate Key Customers. A Customer often has a number of his own additional requirements and estimation criteria for that, what compliances with these requirements. Company carefully studies Customers’ requirements to completely implement their compliance with initial expectation. Our manager will arrive at the issue place and note all the remarks on the route, if necessary.

Tutorial materials for carriers will be developed on the basis of analysis results of the requirements. Then tutorial activities will be held with the transport companies involved in contract work with Key Customers.

During the last training on cooperation peculiarities with one of the TELS’ Key Customers nearly 40 transport companies were instructed. Tutorial activities were partially held (for Polish and Belarusian transport companies) in the meeting form at carrier’s office. However, in order to optimize and increase tutorial process efficiency in Polish transport companies it was decided to form several groups of 3-4 companies and invite them for further training to our Warsaw office. As a result, several dozen of Polish transport companies have passed full-time tutorial in a short time. Standby carriers have been provided with tutorial materials.

All the activities have been held successfully. Customer’s requirements and many controversial issues have been discussed at the training. Our partners had chance to chat on our public forum.