Compliance of sea lines with the schedule has increased rapidly

According to Sea-Intelligence, in February 2023, the index of compliance of sea lines with the linear schedule increased by 7.7 percentage points compared to the previous month and reached 60.2 percent. The average delay time decreased to 5.29 days.

Compared to February of the previous year, the delays decreased by 2.3 days, i.e. the index has improved by 26 percentage points.

All 14 major lines have recorded an increase in the schedule compliance rate. In February this year, Maersk was the most reliable in terms of schedule compliance: it had the schedule compliance rate of 64.9%. MSC’s schedule compliance was 64.4%. Hamburg Süd had a schedule compliance index of 60%. All other carriers had a schedule compliance index of 50–60%. Zim had the lowest schedule compliance of 52%.