TELS: enhancement of project cargo transportation facilities

For the purpose of production capability strengthening and customer support quality upgrade, a new structural unit – Project Transportations Sector - has been developed out of former TELS Project and Oversized Cargo Transportation Department.

TELS has been providing services of oversized and heavy-weight cargoes transportation for many years already. More than once project transportations have been organized according to Customer’s needs. Present day demand level for such services makes evident the necessity to establish own professional division of project cargo transportation organization.

REFERENCE. Project transportations mean complicated cargo delivery: production lines, big machinery shipments, whole plants, oversized cargoes. Execution of specific transportation implies deep route exploration, likely engineering interference into road infrastructure en route: elevation of power lines, bridges dismantlement, road building.

Present day TELS has accumulated experience of project, oversized and heavy-weight cargoes delivery organization both in export and import directions between Europe and Russian Federation (including remote areas), as well as within Europe and within Russian Federation.

New Project Transportations Sector will ensure quality upgrade of such services & strengthening of reliability and consistency of these complicated cargoes delivery results.