Belarus Has Become an Important Member in New Logistic Schemes

Belarus keeps asserting itself as an important member in new logistic schemes of cargo transportation between Russian and the countries of the West and South-West.

First, the Russian embargo on import of certain foodstuffs contributed to this situation greatly. The Republic of Belarus took full advantage of its geographical and political situation (membership of the EAEU, porous border with Russia) by increasing exports of Belarusian food and processed food ingredients previously imported from abroad to the Russian Federation and increasing imports from the EU.

To some extent, unfair businesses also took advantage of the situation. According to the data provided by the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, in the period from August 7, 2014, to December 21, 2015, the overall number of administrative proceedings concerning the import of sanctioned goods from Belarus to Russia totalled 256. (This is the number of those who were “caught up”.)

Now, Belarusian ministries and departments along with the representatives of the official European structures are actively trying to develop legal schemes allowing the European goods to get to the EAEU market.

In particular, a meeting between deputy minister of economics of Belarus Anton Kudasov and the delegation of European Commission chaired by deputy director general of DG Trade Piotr Balash took place in Minsk. As the Ministry states on its website, the negotiators discussed the questions concerning bilateral trade between Belarus and the European Union, the interaction between the EAEU and the EU.

At the same time, trade and economic advisor of Belarusian embassy in Moldova Andrey Korol and vice-chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Moldova Vladimir Didilika declared that Belarus and Moldova advocate the increase of bilateral trade via building up as many joint enterprises as possible. It is not a secret that such schemes have been long used by the suppliers of foodstuffs from Poland and Lithuania.

The recent restrictions imposed by Russia on transit of the Ukrainian cargoes heading for Kazakhstan via the territory of the Russian Federation also enhanced the role of Belarus in the new logistic schemes.

Furthermore, periodical difficulties, which have currently arisen with the exchange of bilateral permissions for cargo transportation for Polish and Russian carriers, add to the situation.

According to data taken from and websites, and BELTA news agency.