What Are the Best Ways to Save Costs in Logistics?

Trends in economy force many businesses, logistics divisions to reduce expenses. TELS expert describes how TELS helps its clients accomplish the goal.

IMG_9796.jpg Vitaly Polik, 

 the Deputy Director

 of Groupage Cargo Department, 

 TELS Group of Companies

Less Than Truck Load Case

When client’s cargoes take less than truck load, TELS offers a streamlined approach which implies consolidation of several cargoes and sharing the costs with other clients.

In that case, you receive your cargo much faster and for less money than shipping less than truck load. At the same time, TELS experts will organize everything for you – collect the cargo, consolidate it with the other cargoes, prepare all the documents and deliver it to the customs office of destination or “to the door”.

Efficient communication with suppliers plays an essential role in that. That is why establishing preliminary contact with them is a must-have condition for groupage cargo transportation and aims to take into account all consignor’s requirements and expectations. Language skills of our employees help communicate efficiently with our suppliers. They speak English, German, Polish, Italian, French, Spanish, Czech and Turkish fluently.

Average delivery time for groupage cargoes transported from Europe to Russia – 7 days (5-10 days depending on the region and shipping schedule for groupage cargoes). TELS’s trucks go daily to Minsk, Moscow, Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Rostov-on-the Don.

Transportation by light- and medium-duty trucks is another option for groupage cargoes. Our vehicles can transport cargoes ranging from 1 to 7 tons. This will cost a bit more but delivery is much faster. For instance, 2 days of transit time from Poland, 3 days from Germany, 4 days from northern Italy.

Another advantage TELS offers is a wide range of cargoes, including long, heavy, dangerous cargoes and cargoes requiring temperature-controlled transportation.

Example. We had to transport a container with the equipment 8 m long, 1.5 m wide and 5 tons in weight. We collected the cargo, reloaded it at a consolidation warehouse and delivered it as part of groupage cargo. Remarkably, the price was calculated in direct proportion to the loading space regardless of the outsize cargo.

Reducing Warehouse Inventory by Scheduled Delivery


Just in time management concept is popular with manufacturers. It implies the delivery of all the required components and materials in the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity.

We offer our clients off-the-shelf solutions implementing just in time concept.

Suppose you need 3 pallets of costly materials every two weeks. We offer delivery of the required amount of goods at regular intervals (for example, every other Wednesday) thus helping you save warehousing costs and avoid “freezing” circulating funds in warehouse stock. This improves cost efficiency of your business, reduces the costs and increases profits.

This service is applicable and useful for any business, and it is quite popular with such TELS’s clients as manufacturers and dealers, suppliers of car plants in Russia and Belarus.

Example. We have eveloped a delivery scheme implying transportation of goods from several suppliers in India to our client. The cargo consolidated in India flies to Warsaw, undergoes customs clearance and is delivered to a consolidation warehouse in Polish regions where client’s shops are situated. On demand, we deliver the required number of goods (clothes in this example) for the shops.

Reliable Delivery of “Complex” Cargoes as Part of Groupage Cargo


Generally, it concerns chemical agents for chemical industry, cosmetic goods and raw materials, phytosanitary and veterinary goods. They require special temperature conditions and must be kept and transported at warm or vice versa relatively low temperatures. We find it easy to comply with the temperature conditions for storage and transportation of these types of goods. Every week refrigerator trucks with groupage cargoes are prepared and sent from our warehouse, and if necessary, they can transport dangerous goods requiring special temperature conditions. We transport such cargoes weekly.

We can also make inventory for certain clients – when the cargo arrives at the consolidation warehouse, we weigh, check and verify goods for compliance with stock numbers. It is especially vital when the supplier provides inaccurate information or adds gift or bonus goods (which is false declaring for customs authorities). We verify and bring the consignment into conformity with the documents or correct the documents according to actual sizes and contents.

Moreover, we also offer terminal operations with cargoes.

The most asked-for service is repackaging and labelling. Besides, we replace pallets, reinforce them and packages, which becomes important when the supplier sends the goods with poor packaging and cannot offer better conditions.

All this goes along with a bonus for all our clients – providing photo reports at any stage of cargo handling.

Fixed Annual Costs


Fixed prices for groupage cargo delivery has become quite popular on the market, however, TELS Group of Companies offers fixed prices valid for one year for air transportations in certain directions. An essential condition is regular orders during the contract period. Only a reliable partner with stable air cargo traffic can offer such prime conditions as the rates offered by airlines differ greatly during the year.

We are transporting tablet PCs, mobile phones, batteries and other small appliances on such terms.

All the solutions developed by TELS Groupage Cargo Department will help you plan and control your budget for logistics more efficiently.

And, for sure, the solutions will help you spend less time on dealing with transportation.


TELS Groupage Cargo Department provides a professional technology of quick and reliable delivery of small consignments from anywhere in the world.

We are always ready to give advice and find the best delivery schemes complying with client’s requirements and expectations, cargo types and market situation!