TELS. When Company’s Success Makes Business Easier for Others

What proves company’s success? The following three factors determine it:

  1. A constant increase in the volume of services and profit.
  2. An increase in the number of loyal customers.
  3. Business expansion from company’s own funds.

TELS has all the three attributes. The company can also boast of a bright event – this year TELS partnered with GreenLine to open MAN Dealership close to Smolensk (Kamenka village).

One can immediately appreciate the excellent location of the centre, which is couple of hundred meters from the M1 / E30 highway (convenient access is of great importance for heavy vehicles).

The service station is equipped up to the state of the art providing ergonomic workplaces and complying with high environmental standards. The station has everything for quality vehicle check and service - a spacious repair block, modern diagnostic equipment, tire assembly, washing, etc.

The diagnostic equipment allows to identify the malfunctions within the vehicle. Used engine oil is collected in a special container for recycling without pollution risk. A constant temperature of at least 21 degrees is maintained at workplaces.

The repair block has five stations. Each of them can serve four tractor units at a time or a semi-trailer truck and a tractor unit. The stations are equipped with pits and mobile electric elevators capable of lifting the tractor together with the loaded semi-trailer.

Driver’s relaxation room makes the time spent waiting comfortable and allows to watch the work online.

Needless to say, the dealership will greatly facilitate the business of many carriers by offering new opportunities for acquisition and further high-quality service of MAN vehicles.

We wish luck and success to the new business for the benefit of its Clients!