Road Freight Traffic to the Netherlands Decreased Export Transportations to the EU

The third quarter of the current year was marked by a substantial slowdown in road freight traffic from the Russian Federation to the countries of the European Union, especially after a considerable increase in the first 6 months of 2016 against the same period of the previous year (with +20%). As a result, the positive trend in the volume of cargoes exported from Russia to the EU over the first three quarters of 2016 decreased totaling +7% (up to 7.5 million tons).

In physical terms, the reduction was mainly due to the exports to the Netherlands: -447 thousand tons (-39%). An insignificant decrease in export freight traffic was also observed to Denmark, Hungary, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Luxembourg and Croatia.

At the same time, export freight traffic increased to all the other countries of the European Union, especially to Finland (+315 thousand tons, +16%), Lithuania (+117 thousand tons; 40%). Sweden (+114 thousand tons, +34%) and France (+93 thousand thons, +91%).

Prepared by Marketing Department of TELS group of companies, according to data published by Eurostat