Consolidated Cargoes from Europe to Ukraine in 4 Days

To satisfy the needs of TELS’s clients for reducing the expenses associated with logistics, the company increases regular deliveries of consolidated cargoes from the European Union to Ukraine providing all the related services.

Due to efficient logistic schemes, delivery of almost any type of consolidated cargoes to Kiev and other regions in Ukraine takes the shortest time.

Chief of the Department of consolidated cargoes, tells about the services TELS offers in this segment.

How did the excess need for transporting consolidated cargoes to Ukraine arise?

According to the opinion poll held at the end of the previous year, during which TELS interviewed the chiefs and heads of logistic departments in large manufacturing and trading companies, almost 70% of businessmen representing Ukrainian companies supported the tactics to optimize the costs by reducing depot stock when importing goods and materials in smaller consignments.

Poll results confirmed the real situation in the Ukrainian logistics market. For different reasons, the major part of the Ukrainian importers would like to receive cargoes in smaller consignments and, if possible, at the same price for each commodity unit.

What makes collaboration with TELS in matters of consolidated cargoes more profitable as compared to other companies?

A wide inflow of orders for delivery of consolidated cargoes from Europe allows quick consolidation of cargoes and practically daily dispatches to CIS countries as well as Kiev and other regions in Ukraine.

Perhaps, TELS has the widest network of consolidation warehouses in Europe (in Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany). Delivery time from consignor’s warehouse to TELS’s consolidation warehouse is often less than 24 hours (with the maximum delivery time of 48 hours). Thus, our company is quick at arranging, consolidating and shipping the cargoes to the consignee.

To expedite delivery and transportation of fast and valuable freights, TELS offers less-than-truckload transportation. In certain cases it’s more profitable.

Which related services does TELS render while delivering consolidated cargoes?

It’s highly important to prepare all the required transportation documents. To make sure the cargo arrives quickly, transportation documents should be prepared in full accordance with the requirements of the customs authorities. Even a minor problem with one of the cargoes may delay the whole consolidated consignment. Note that the documents required for the consignment may take a ream of office paper.

Moreover, these include warehouse services. Due to long-term collaboration and great volumes of work with warehouses in Europe, TELS can offer special prices for placing cargoes at warehouses, which help reduce the general price for the delivery of consolidated cargoes. TELS offers all the required terminal cargo handling at warehouses (provision of identifying information, packaging, repackaging, weighing, photographing and other services).

On the whole, the delivery of consolidated cargoes includes the following steps:

  • Batching the cargoes at consolidation warehouses;

  • Packaging cargoes with regard to their specific characteristics;

  • Preparing all the required transportation documents;

  • Choosing the right vehicle for transportation;

  • Delivering consolidated cargoes to destination points.

Each step should be worked through as well as the required volumes of goods, storage space, workforce, etc. should be provided.

Customer’s personal participation in organizing the delivery of the consolidated cargo is minimized – all the operations that can be performed without customer’s participation are carried out by TELS’s employees including cargo insurance at special prices.

Which type of consolidated cargoes is the most popular today and what is the most popular direction?

This covers a wide range of needs. TELS receives the major part of its shipping requests for small consignments in concern to spare parts for automobiles, farming machines, industrial equipment and spare parts, furnishings, various tools (construction, hand and other tools). We often delivered brand clothes as well as equipment and accessories for brand shops.

Most of the consolidated cargoes are transported to Ukraine from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. At the same time, TELS successfully delivers cargoes from Poland, France, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, actually, we can deliver from any country of the EU.

TELS office in Kiev makes communication with the Ukrainian customers and contractors easier as we can solve any issue promptly while transporting on the territory of Ukraine.


TELS Group of companies renders quick and profitable transportation of consolidated cargoes from Europe to Kiev and other regions in Ukraine! Welcome to the offices of TELS Group of companies in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Great Britain.